At Dalkeith Elementary
we believe in fostering potential.

Our vision is for the potential present in all students be utilized in a world community. Furthermore, that Dalkeith's three "R"s, (Reason, Respect and Responsibility) will serve our students as foundations when faced with the future challenges.


Our History

Dalkeith Elementary has proudly been serving Ville d’Anjou and surrounding areas in Montreal since 1961. Over twenty years ago, Dalkeith implemented the integration of special needs students into the regular classroom setting; a program and practice that we continue to this day.  Throughout the years, faces and teaching practices may have changed but our fundamental philosophy of nurturing potential in all students has remained unchanged.  The 2011 / 2012 academic year marked our 50th Anniversary. During those fifty years, Dalkeith has touched the lives of thousands of students and their families, helping them for their future. Their stories are what we are most proud of in our history.

Our Legacy

In addition to the strong regular programs in French, English and math, Dalkeith prides itself in its inclusive Special Education program. The focus of this program is the total integration of special needs students in the classrooms. Another strong suit at Dalkeith is the Robotics program for senior students in French. Each classroom has complete computer access. Daily, peer mediators encourage students to make wise behavioral choices.