Être bilingue, c'est gagnant!

The EMSB offers three models of French in elementary schools; Core, Bilingual and French Immersion. The Bilingual and Immersion models offer language learning through a variety of subjects other than language courses.

Our secondary schools offer several French programs that exceed the minimum requirements set by the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur. In secondary Cycle 1, for example, there are French programs whose teaching time varies between 38 to 73 percent.

The objective of our educational programming is to enable students to succeed in the most advanced ministerial program they can achieve, either, Français, langue seconde enrichi or Français, langue d’enseignement. This level of achievement identifies students as bilingual.

Elementary Level French Programs

Bilingual Icon
The Bilingual Program offers 50% of English instruction and 50% of French instruction.
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English Core Icon
English Core
The English Core Program offers 68% of English instruction and 32% of French instruction...
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French Immersion Icon
French Immersion
The French immersion program, offers 68% of French language instruction. English...
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Secondary Level French Programs

Français langue seconde, international Icon
Français langue seconde, international
This course is designed to prepare international or temporary students to continue their...
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Français langue seconde, programme de base Icon
Français langue seconde, programme de base
The French as a second language, core program in secondary schools aims for a functional...
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Français langue seconde, programme enrichi Icon
Français langue seconde, programme enrichi
The enriched program is aimed for students who have followed the immersion or bilingual...
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Français, langue d'enseignement Icon
Français, langue d'enseignement
This program is identical to that taught in the Francophone sector. Priorities are the...
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Français, langue maternelle Icon
Français, langue maternelle
This complementary course is a flexible and advanced French class.
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Programme d’enseignement des langues d’origine (PELO)
PELO provides an opportunity for our students to learn a heritage language.
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